Thursday, 15 March 2012

Some progress and the Biter

Since my last post, the Plate has had a see-saw fever which had her waking up every hour in the night and grizzling pretty much continuously during the day. It culminated in a lovely vomit all over me and the Big Bed in the wee  hours of Monday. We were worried enough to see a GP who checked everything but could find nothing that could be causing the fever. The advice was just keep on dosing her with the syrups.It finally succumbed to the tag-team of Calpol and Neurofen but alas, it leapt to me. Luckily I was bigger, stronger and more powerful, so I was merely mildly delirious for a few hours.

It seems the virus has been making the rounds - I had seen reports on the ubiquitous Facebook of other bubs being fevered and even the son of our childminder (extraordinaire) was not spared. So Plate got to spend three days straight with daddy.

... and I pop up here!
I go in here...
What with red splotch attacks, dribbly noses, feverish foreheads and general unwellness, Operation De-clutter is not picking up speed at all. But there has been some progress - the numbers wall has been beaten into submission by Granddad A's patient application of paint1 and more of the living room has been tucked away into bags for recycling / boxes for storing. The holes in the living room walls have been filled and test patches displayed for consultation2. Stuff has moved around, just not to where they should. Also, Plate has the unerring instinct of the curious to find ways into containers, just to throw out everything that's inside them. She has also decided that boxes and buckets are great places to sit in and laugh at us. 

There are still piles that need sorting but I am feeling rather enervated and can only curl up in my leather-covered corner, lackadaisically tapping keys3

There has been a curious development with Plate - since she got teeth, she has chomped on me occasionally while breastfeeding. But over the last couple of days, she's really gone to town - she would take my nipple between her teeth and pull! Yes, it bloody stings! And she thinks it's funny to make me yell! So today I closed up shop as soon as I saw the tell-tale signs that she was going to do the deed - and she threw a tantrum! Tough titty, girlie. No biting means no biting. I hope she gets the message soon.

Whichever deity is listening and deigns to grant a wish - please send me a shot of high quality get-up-and-go. tomorrow. Oh, and a million pounds to go with it would be sweet.

1 The ink just kept bleeding through! It has taken five coats of special stain-hiding paint so far. We can just see a hint of ink, so we think maybe six or seven will do the trick.
2. A pale pink has been chosen. Not my choice, but not my living room anymore. 
3. Yet somehow finding the energy to use multi-syllabic words.

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