Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Whole Lot of Qi

Yesterday, I had my first tai chi lesson.

Master James Wong of Shining Tree
It was most odd, in that, being of Chinese extraction and having been brought up in Singapore, I was now learning it in England, from a British-born Chinese man who was taught by a Scotsman who in turn got his training from a tai chi master in Hong Kong1. I didn't find it as life-changing as my husband, but my chat with the teacher's partner, who is herself a practitioner, gave me a lot to think about. Also, I have real-life recommendations. Since my friend G started doing it, she has never seemed healthier, and by extension, happier. She's practically glowing2. It is the highlight of my husband's week and he looks forward to it like a kid looks forward to the best ride ever3. What's stopping me is the cost: the cost of Plate going to the childminder (extraordinaire) and the cost of the lessons themselves4. Is this something I should invest in? I could find the money I'm sure but would I get as much out of it as these two? Something to masticate on.

I am also achey breakey in various places today. Ouchy.

In other news, Granddad A had issued orders that we should get paint for the living room and the bedroom. After exploring the options - Dulux, Farrow & Ball, Fired Earth, Little Greene, Sandersen, Crown - we settled on:

Apricot Crush Apricot Crush for the living room;
Breton Blue  Breton Blue as a "feature wall" in the bedroom;
 and Quintessential Blue Quintessential Blue for the rest of the bedroom.

All by Dulux. We quailed at the prices for Farrow & Ball, Fired Earth et al, and had heard not so great things about Crown. I really, really wanted to use an eco-paint, but my bank account had other ideas5.

Not exactly neutral colours I know, but we got bored with the neutrals everywhere else6.

Tonight's spirit-is-willing-but-flesh-is-weak quest is to clear the living room so the painters can get going. So far an undercoat as gone on - everything is white and it's making my eyeballs ache just a little bit - so the apricot's next.

Have I mentioned that the camera is broken? The lens is jammed. No prizes for guessing how it got that way7.

Plateism of the day: she head-bangs, but side to side instead of up and down. And today this was combined with squats - which I think are attempts at jumping. She also discovered that by head-banging the side of her car seat, she can make it squeak (it's the Styrofoam inside the seat). Crazy baby.

1 I could go back and back and trace the lineage but that would be quite pointless. I did, however, check his credentials and he is a registered Tai Chi Union practitioner.
2 She is also pregnant but I think this is chi glow combined with those pesky hormones.
3 I was going to write Disneyland, but I like to think that there are kids out there who eschew the "magic" and choose something real.
4 I am discounting the cost of driving there since this is FBB's therapy and G's paying for his lessons in exchange for a lift. Seeing him all happy and enthused is worth every penny.
5 Dammit. I just found  Earthborn paints which are only a little bit more expensive.

6 Hope this does not turn into a foot shooting incident.
7 Yes, yes, we shouldn't let her play with it, blah, blah, blah. Same goes for climbing stairs, climbing on the furniture and standing on tables.

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