Thursday, 1 March 2012

Red Splotch Alert!

I learned a new word today: urticaria. And Plate had it all over her body, poor little bub!

Urticaria, or hives it turns out, is a kind of skin rash - on Plate it was like looking at a beige and pink map of an alien planet, with continents and islands! And they moved around her body1. Very disturbing. Luckily, she didn't seem bothered by it. No itching, thank goodness. Apparently, it is an allergic reaction to something - but we have no clue as to what. GP prescribed some antihistamines and she's out for the count tonight.

Meanwhile, Operation De-clutter grinds on: the stairs are now shoe-free, we just need to pack up the bits of car and few items. I've boxed up our "non-essential" shoes and FBB has boxed up the Megadrive, X-Box and all the games. Granddad A has turned our yellow kitchen into a lovely shade of buttermillk and the Wise Outlaw has chopped back our wild front yard a bit.

Gotta go - baby coughing and spluttering. Ayah! My poor bubs!

1. When FBB picked me up from work, I was presented with a bub with two huge insect bites on her cheeks, one on either side! By the time, we'd got home, the red splotches had receded... until I undressed her for bed, and they were spread out over her back and stomach. We were a little nonplussed but as she had no fever, wasn't scratching, we though we'd give it till the morning. Imagine our horror when we took off her sleepsuit! It had increased in redness, spread down her legs, across her armpits, and speckled up her neck. Time to see the GP methinks!

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