Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Painting behind shelves and big hair

So the living room is now 90% complete - just need to paint behind the shelves. I know that sounds crazy but really it's pretty sensible. This entails taking everything off said shelves. Mama knackered. Going to leave it to the Men, methinks.

Looking at my posts, I spend a lot of time being knackered. I guess it comes with not getting enough sleep. Either that or the sofa casts a sleepy spell on me as soon as my bum hits a cushion. Must try harder. Or not sit down1.

Been looking at hair cuts - my mop is getting rather bedraggled and sorry-looking. Even Plate's messed up do is more presentable than mine. I had considered curls - haven't had them since the '90s. I did look like I had a fright wig on. But maybe something like this:

BIG, with BIG curls! But with a white highlight, where I've gone noticeably grey.

Or short and shaggy. And a completely different colour. Blue perhaps.

FBB has vetoed the extremely short crop - the dyke look does not suit me apparently.

(Ok - I've just been distracted by a TV ad for a celeb gossip mag. Why do people read these things? I just don't get the appeal! It was quickly followed by a trailer for "Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists" - the book of which, I really enjoyed, but not as much as the story of how it came to be written and published, which I had actually read about in the paper!  Way back in 2005.

Right, I think that means it's bedtime.

1 I say sit, it's more like flop, curl up, lie down... resistance is futile.

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