Sunday, 1 April 2012

Changing Rooms

I can't believe it's been more than a week since I last wrote! I can only blame a combination of sun, exhaustion and frantic de-cluttering. 

Yes, Operation De-clutter has accelerated a little. The DVD and video shelves have stayed off and their contents boxed up and lofted. The living room has been properly crushed by apricots and all that remains to be done is to get rid of the oversized coffee table and sort out my acres of paper, something which I am struggling with. Every time I vanish a pile, smaller and more insidious piles seem to appear to take its place. 

To allow the master bedroom to be painted, we have moved our sleeping arrangements into Big T's room1. After much spinning around of mattresses to best fit Plate's cot in, we have discovered that we really enjoy sleeping facing the window. Waking up to azure skies and birds cutting through them turns out to be rather delightful. 

Granddad A has begun turning our tobacco-stained bedroom into a soothing symphony of blues2. Unfortunately, the previous occupant had done a rather imperfect job of painting: when he scratched at a paint crack in the wall, the entire section came away. Which led to the realisation that our new feature wall of midnight blue is now gently coming away from the wall also.

There is still much to be done - there are three dead cars on our driveaway that need removing, brown trees and bushes that need care, the upstairs bath panel needs replacing3... and I have just spilled a cup of tea4 all over a paper pile, record shelf and a speaker. I think that is a sign from the universe to give it up tonight and go to bed.

1 Wherever we live, there will always be a Big T's room. Big T is FBB's big brother and will always be welcome wherever we go. For me, if not for him, FBB and I would never have got together.

2 As opposed to a *the* blues which would just be depressing.

3 Which is more complicated than it sounds. We think the previous occupant had put the bath and shower in, because they had to cut out bits of the bath panel to allow the pipes to go through. Something we would have to do with ours. Fun, fun, fun!

4 Not just any tea: Yogi Tea<R> which I had patiently let brew for exactly seven minutes for optimum tea-ness.

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