Thursday, 26 April 2012

Love house, lose house, see another one!

What a day. I feel totally wrung out, battered and drained. And it had started so well.

The compressed version: we had to withdraw our offer on the beautiful house. But at the same time, another house in the same estate has come up for sale, for about £9,000 less. We've made an appointment to view. Oh, and now Plate has a cold, the constantly running nose variety.

It's been a day of highs and lows... with the lows augmented by the cold that just won't go away. Sniff. Cough.

As I am crackered, I'll save the details for tomorrow, when hopefully, I shall be a little bit better for some sleep - fully intend to get some extra bedtime tomorrow morning - and I shall have better news on the house front.

In the meantime, faithful readers, whom I value dearly, here is a link to our house sale. The copy isn't great but the pictures are pretty good. And yes, I painted the phoenix on the garage door and believe it or not, there are indeed 3 cars you can see on the driveway. I really must get my camera fixed!

Picture 1

Picture 7

Picture 3

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