Sunday, 15 April 2012

Chimes in the ear and serendipitous meetings

So the last few days I have been laid low by a combination of a swollen eardrum in one ear, fluid in the other ear, engorged glands, an inconsiderate cough and a stuffed nose1, all of which resulted in a bout of labyrinthitis seconds before I was going to try hoicking my daughter on my back2. Luckily it was a very mild attack and I was able to slide carefully to the floor, ring my husband for help and prop myself up against a wall. I thanked my lucky stars it didn't happen while I was bent over with Plate wiggling on my back.

In any case, I was determined to get as much gen as I could about slinging a child on my back as Plate was getting a touch restless being carried in the front. Also, I was convinced I could do more if I had her on my back! As I was incapable of moving my head without falling over, the lovely Victoria demonstrated how to get a child on one's back and sling them in safely with her own bub right in front of me. I was gobsmacked. I had only seen this done by other mums on YouTube3. It was inspiring!

Plate in my Moby at 5 months
Going back to work that day was out of the question - so I went home, laid down on the floor and eventually got a diagnosis from the nurse practitioner (my GP was out on an emergency).

I did manage to go back to work the next day, armed with Amoxycillin4 and a lie-in. I lasted a good afternoon and then crashed the next day.

The awfulness that engulfed me was quite surprising.

I soon emerged from the pit of snot and grogginess after sleeping longer  than I thought5 and ventured out into glorious sunshine, a frosty wind and hail! Gotta love this weather!

In the meantime, how's this for serendipity?

On Thursday, FBB found this house for sale in Ely which was part of a shared equity scheme. He really liked the look of it and arranged for a viewing on Monday.

On Friday, FBB was taking Plate to the car when a big red van stopped next to him - it was our former neighbour Steve! He used to live across the road from us and was instrumental in getting us back into our house when we stupidly went to the pub with no mobile and no house keys. He was a nice bloke and we always got on, and we missed him when he left. Turns out that he's planning on moving back to the village. Of course, FBB told him we're selling so he's going to come see the house on Tuesday!

FBB is quite convinced that it's all going to happen now. We'll love the place in Ely, Steve will love our place and offer to buy it at the price we're asking for, we'll make an offer on the new place... all at once.

No, we haven't got the house on the market yet.But the master bedroom is 99% finished. Just have to paint the doorframe.

Sigh6. I think even sloths would work faster than us.

Aside from that, I am very excited that in a week's time, it will be World Book Night and I have the privilege of being a "giver". The generous people who run the event have given me 24 copies of one of my favourite books of all time TO GIVE AWAY.

So those of you who know me and are within hugging distance, you have a book coming your way!

Right, it's time for mama's bedtime - and the last few chapters of Murakami's 1Q84. What a great read! Surreal and now in the realms of "what-the-hell-is-going-on?" but utterly gripping.

1Courtesy of the virus magnet that is my daughter.
2 Impromptu sling meet / baby-led weaning mass picnic. Check out You can also hire slings if you're not sure which ones are for you. I have every intention of trying them out! I wasn't going to do this but I hope I get advanced enough to do so!
4 Every time I get prescribed antibiotics, I secretly wish they would say, try these Crocodillin! That would be so cool! I actually saw the documentary mentioned. The best part was when they had just released the bindings on a croc and the lights went out. The Aussie guide's voice sailing out in the sudden darkness, perfectly deadpan, "Who knocked the lights out? That's not funny, mate."
5 At 8am, I shut my eyes for a second, and it was noon! WTF! I've time-travelled four hours!
6 Don't get me started on the dead cars on the driveway.

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