Tuesday, 18 September 2012

29 Days Later

In the last 29 days, we have:
Goodbye, MINI!
  • sold the Mini
  • bought a van & a super bike (of the cycling variety)
  • lost and found the van key at Cineworld (that was fun!)
  • sawed a sofa into a bits1
  • visited Hull (and by extension the Deep and the excellent East Park)
  • learned over 30 new words2
  • walked a LOT
  • discovered Tumble Tots
  • got permission to put in a water meter
  • bought a trampoline
  • laughed at "The Boy Who Cried Ninja"
  • enjoyed a Booker prize winner and a delicious book about Unmentionables
... among other things. Mostly, we have been spending money. However, we also have a room that is just leaking boxes full of stuff we can sell. Hopefully ,we actually do it before we run out of money.

Can you find Plate? Because it took me a minute...
I find that I am really enjoying being NOT a homeowner. The more I am NOT a homeowner, the more I question the conventional wisdom of being one. Sure, in 20 or 30 years' time, I wouldn't need to pay rent if I were a homeowner. On the other hand, I may also have maybe 10 years of lucidity before I would have to sell my home to pay for round-the-clock care in someone else's home. It may not even be me I would have to do this for. I am thinking that I need to acquire an asset(s) that would continue to add to the family coffers despite my state of creptitude3.

Oh, and the Dead Car Dilemma was resolved. I wish I had been there. More pics can be found... somewhere, when I get organised enough to sort it out.

1 Well, Uncle N did. FBB filmed it and provided a safe place for Plate to observe from.
2 Of course, Plate learned most of them!
3 Yes, Rich Dad is having an influence on me big time.

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