Monday, 9 April 2012

Look ma - shoes!

Last Saturday, the Plate got her first pair of proper shoes1.
<em>Clarks Delilah Dots</em> Girls Pink <em>Doodle</em> E Fitting
They're called Doodles by Clarks and she seemed to like them. Although I think she really didn't care what they looked like - they fit and she can walk (stagger? caper?) in them. She does have big feet - a whopping 5F. She'd gone up a shoe size in less than four weeks2! If she carries on like this, we may end up buying a new pair of shoes every month!

Saturday was quite eventful actually - I did another class of tai chi, we went shoe shopping after taste testing some hot dogs at the local market3, Plate and I had a snuggly snooze in the afternoon, then we had a surprise visit from our good friends4 the Cottenham Ls, and a planned visit from Big T and Professor Fish. Overall, I think it was a lovely day.

We had planned on doing a little food and paint shopping the next day, but soon discovered that everywhere was shut on Easter Sunday! *doh* But we ended up eating a surprisingly good lunch in a carpark in Cambridge, before heading to the Cottenham Ls for a return visit.

And now, I must dash as I am now yawning, and writing just words rather than sense.

Incidentally, I have started reading IQ84 by Murakami. Hmmm.

And I have no idea why but I have "Knocked Up" on TV. It is a terrible, terrible film. Paul Rudd is great in it though.

1 I must confess, I thought they were called Oodles, which would have been cooler, or better yet, Noodles. And I surprised myself by buying the pink ones. What is going on with me?

2 She was a 4G then and fell over when we put proper shoes on her. This time she tottered around for a few seconds, caromed off the shelves, then she was off!

3 It was a special European market - we tried an "authentic" German bratwurst in an undersized bun and a French sausage in an oversized baguette. FBB and I had to agree to disagree - he liked the wee little french sausage, and I liked the big bad bratwurst. Plate liked them both with gusto!

4... who had gifted us with a travel system, car seat, cot, highchair, walker, door bouncer, a bagful of toys, electric breast pump plus accessories, nappy bag, a bagful of baby clothes and lots of other bits and pieces that we will never, ever be able to repay. "Good friends" is an understatement.

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