Sunday, 4 March 2012

Daisies and a sneeze or three

I feel like crap. Seems like I have finally succumbed to the virus that the rest of the family had (or at least a variety of). But we carry on...

Yesterday was lovely - I seem to remember blue skies and cool breezes1. FBB had gone to tai chi - he had reached a state of zen as he calls it a few days previous2 and was feeling great, despite a stuffed nose. Plate and I had a lie-in and did a bit of half-hearted tidying up.

After daddy got home, we trouped off to Ely and got her some leather booties. We had tried some soft shoes on her, but she kept falling over in them. They're Daisy Roots (Handmade in Northampton!3) and she loved them. She toddled straight off in them - around the shop and out the front door! We let her toddle down the street until she started falling down every few feet. It was the furthest she'd ever walked and she was pleased as punch.  I think I might get another pair!

The rest of the day was spent food gathering and grazing. It was a really lovely, low stress day4. It finished with FBB going off to the pub, me playing with Plate till it was time for bed, and finally me curling up with Inspector Montalbano till it was my bedtime.

More stuff got stuffed into boxes but alas, that is as far as we got. They have yet to be lofted into the loft.

I am
             running         down


1. The memory is doubted because we had snow today! And it was rather grey and wet in between.
2. FBB has a serious mental condition which he has lived with for about 12 years. It's a terrible condition which is like a waking nightmare. The horrors he experiences every day is only held at bay by his incredible strength of character, his indomitable spirit. He describes the state of zen as moving into the eye of a hurricane and having it move with him wherever he went. It was a state of peace which he had never felt before. It's pretty close to awesome.
3. We did wonder briefly whether it's the same company who make transvestite footwear. That would be so cool! :-)
4. We did, however, bump into an old friend who told us the sad news that he'd split up from his wife. They had been together for about 20 years, so it was a bit of a shock for us.

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