Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Still unsold, leaks & eruptions

So the house has been on the market now for three weeks. We've had a few interested parties but sadly, no serious buyers. A rather intense disagreement is raging1 between FBB and I about whether we should drop the price or not. He has won. Mainly because I am taking the Taoist way2.

We also received a ridiculously high water bill and we are taking steps. I must say Anglian Water customer service staff are very, very well trained. Empathetic, very helpful and informative. No trace of condescension3 and a lot of sympathy. Also Leakbusters (http://leakbusters.rtrk.co.uk) - they were exceedingly helpful! Will we find a leak or will it be something else?

On the child-rearing front, Plate gave us a fright on Saturday. We were on our way home in the car from shopping when both us heard the unmistakable sound of child choking and vomiting. Daddy did a swift pull over and I hopped in the back to make sure she was ok. She'd thrown up chips4 and milk and unsurprisingly, was crying quite pitifully. Not really sure what led to that - but we think a combination of too many chips and too many dips5. We watched her the rest of the day, but nothing else happened, then at around midnight, in her sleep, she did it again! All over me this time. We think she was remembering / dreaming about her day and re-lived it.

Today, I watched her deliberately stick her fingers down her throat, enough to make choking noises. Didn't quite throw up as I managed to get her to stop. It made me wonder if that was what she was doing in the car. I know she does things she's not supposed to when she wants my attention, such as touching things she shouldn't like opening the bin and taking things out. Hmmm.

Well, whatever it was, it hasn't resurfaced. Unfortunately, mummy got massive gut trouble shortly after. It was pretty epic but less so than the last bout - I only threw up once this time. I wish I knew what was going on with me. It seems I only have a two to three weeks of good health, then I'm ill again. Do I need a full medical checkup? And would it reveal anything useful?

Watching CSI: New York tonight, I was fascinated by the computer screens that threw up all the interesting little details - like "Let's run your list and my list together and see who pops up" - I wonder how long it takes the graphics department to do all those screens for each episode? It must be good fun coming up with new and interesting ways to display the latest non-existent crime solving software!

1 If you can call an argument in level voices raging.
2 Redundant I know. Also, I can't be arsed to fight about it.
3 Condensation! Boom boom
4 We had bumped into some friends at the market, and they very kindly offered her their chips. She kindly declined for about five minutes, then scoffed the lot. Greedy child.
5 I had her slung in the front when we were at the supermarket, and I "dipped" her backwards a few times. It makes her giggle madly!


  1. Feeling some level of culpability since we supplied the chips.

    1. No need - I probably did it with all the dipping to be honest!


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