Sunday, 13 May 2012

Panic! At the Disco

Damned mortage lenders. And estate agents.

So, the weekend was interesting.

On Saturday, there I was just finishing breakfast with Plate at around 10am - bits of cereal, fruit and milk EVERYWHERE - when the phone rings. The conversation went a little like this:

'Hi this is Z, just to say that I've gone back to the Ns to say that their offer1 has been rejected and I shall be chasing them on Monday'

'Great! Thanks!'

'And that you have a confirmed booking for your Open House today - a Mr & Mrs A.'

'I'm sorry, did you say Open House?'

'Yes, your Open House today from 11.30 to 1.30.'

'Oh, right... When did that happen?

And the flabbergastedness continued in that vein for about 10 minutes. She didn't realise no one had told us and we didn't realise it had all been advertised and gone ahead. The panic button was well and truly pushed. Very hard and repeatedly! I texted FBB2 frantically and ran around like a blue arsed fly trying to get things tidied away and clean. For pity's sake! Keeping house is NOT one of strong points. We are the living embodiments of Mr & Mrs Slob! I mean, the floor is mostly there to hold our stuff!

Anyway, I did what I could and when FBB got home, we tidied ourselves up and got ready to receive our guests. Fortunately, SEA turned up - I think I would have been even more miffed if he hadn't - so I chewed him out a bit. And like the truly nice, professional person he was, he apologised profusely for the non-communication and I could not help but forgive him3.

After all that, we had a total of one viewing. But in our case, quality is better than quantity. Yet another investment buyer - so no chain etc. They were an elderly couple who were looking to move to the area from Wales for numerous reasons.  The great news was that they liked the house as it is: 2-beds with the enormous bedroom. They realised that they would not be able to find another like it4. Fingers crossed that they make us a decent offer.

Now then - mortgage lenders. I think our mortgage advisor was a bit premature in submitting our application so we got two declines. Luckily, our current mortgage lender has good customer service people. We shall see.

Maybe we'll win the lottery. Maybe that tree in our garden will fruit £50 notes5.

1 A measly £125k! We are not THAT desperate!
2 He goes to tai chi every Saturday morning.
3 My very good friend HM says this of me at least once a month - 'You're too soft!'
4 There is another. But the lady who owns it is unlikely to sell any time soon. She is about 96 though.
5 We'll have trouble using notes bigger than that down the shop.

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