Thursday, 3 May 2012

Will they make us an offer?

We had our first viewing tonight!

They were investment buyers and seemed quite excited by our house - they spent over half an hour here!

Willie H Brown sent a sales negotiator, Z, to show them round. I must confess, I was a bit sceptical1 about this, but I thought, since I am paying for an agent, I should let them do their job. Also, I thought prospects were more likely to be more open about how they felt about a property if the owners weren't following them around. I'm glad I did. Z was a mere slip of a girl but I thought she was very professional. She turned up early, did a thorough walk through, asked lots of questions and had a show plan. She definitely knew what she was about.

When they arrived, Z took charge immediately and steered them round the house expertly. FBB, Plate and I stayed out of her way in the front room. We don't know what their reaction was to the kitchen but they stayed upstairs for ages in the bedrooms and looked around the front room again. They were a white, middle-class2, middle-aged couple -- I don't know about him, but she definitely had plans, I could see it in her face.

After they left, Z gave us a brief brief: it went very well, they talked freely about what they wanted to do with the house, convert the ginormous room into two rooms, turning the house into a three-bed, turn the utility room into a dining room etc. It sounded very promising. She would give them a ring tomorrow.

So, it seems that FBB could be right and that the house will sell fast. I am not so optimistic. We shall see.

I've made an "appointment" of sorts to catch up with SEA3 about whether we should have an open house. It's a fair amount of work for us (we are slobs - the thought of getting the house shiny is making my left eyelid twitch) and ideally, we should move the Dead Cars (twitch, twitch, twitch!).

But that's stress inducing thought for another time.

I feel a bit sad that our house is likely to go to people who are going to gut it and rebuild it and sell it on. But I take comfort in knowing that, ultimately, a family will live, and love, and make happy memories in the house that we have lived, loved and been happy in for so long.

1 The second house we saw in our journey was shown by the agent. She was not good at all. The first boo-boo was letting us in first, then shutting the door after us, and leaving us in the dark while she fumbled for the lights. She seemed not to know the property and when we asked how long the owners had lived there, she didn't know and didn't even know if it was one or more owners, or whether they were a man or woman. It was  terribly disappointing. We left after less than 10 minutes.

2 Macs, muted colours, nondescript but well-made clothes, sensible shoes, quiet voices, and well-spoken. Of course, I could be completely wrong, since I don't fully understand the class thing. Meh. Ignore the bit about them being "middle-class". I can only misuse the phrase.

3 Super Estate Agent, Steve.

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