Thursday, 31 May 2012

SOLD! And now the real fun begins...

Just a quickie to say we've sold! Hoorah! But at £10k less than we hoped - boo! However, they're ready to go, bird in hand etc so yay! But we've no mortgage yet, so hiss! The owners of the house we want to buy haven't sold so they've accepted our offer - phew! But they haven't found a place to live dagnabbit! On the other hand, they've got their eye on a property with no chain - huzzah! So our fingers and toes are crossed that they get it and we get a mortgage all at once.

Will we be moved by the end of July or will we still be here in September? Please feel free to start a pool.

On the water front (ho, ho), we now have a £50 credit on our account with Anglian Water AND our monthly bill has dropped by £10! That's two lunches, a fish supper for two with a smokey and curry sauce, two paperbacks (or one discounted hardback), or two thirds of a pair of shoes for Plate. Hmmm. How will we spend our newfound riches?

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