Monday, 7 May 2012

We wait. Tick follows tock follows tick.

I absolutely hate waiting.

It's been three days since the Vanilla People1 came and saw the house. According to the impressive Z2she was excited about what she could do with our house and would like a second view. However, they wanted some time to think before making an offer. So now, we have a second viewing tomorrow night and we are once more ticked with nervousness.


In other news, FBB and I had a lovely day despite the wetness of the weather. We talked the ears off our mortgage advisor and had a civilised lunch4 without any of it hitting the floor. Meanwhile, Plate was having a great time at Grandma and Granddad's!

Dinner was a little fraught - Plate was not herself5 and FBB's gorgeous spinach roulade sadly did not get the full attention it deserved.

I am going to now watch NCIS on Demand Five and repair a gaping hole in my trousers to work off the nervousness.

Tomorrow I shall be data bashing until I get spreadsheet blindness. Wish me luck.

1 As christened by my very talented friend, V: Mother, Wife, Lawyer and soon to be famous Writer. I would like to say now, that I will be shamelessly telling anyone who would listen that I knew her when she was but a pinafore clad innocent back in the day, scribbling short stories in the school yearbook.
2 To those of you who haven't been following3, this is the Sales Negotiator from Willie H Brown.
3 And why not? 
4 Omu rice Holmes style - ie, stir-fried with garlic and spring onions with a dash of soya sauce and a sprinkling of Cheddar. Sadly, no chicken! I had only ever seen it on restaurant menus, and then I saw it made in this wonderful film called Tampopo.
5 I was going to use the word manja which I had always thought to mean attention-seeking / grumpy / demanding behaviour ascribed to very young children. A quick Google set me right. Whoops. Ha!

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