Monday, 9 July 2012

A little bit closer...

Today, I had the news that we are *this* close to exchanging contracts. So I am going to risk it for a biscuit1, and talk about the house we are going to rent.

It's a brisk 20 to 30 minute walk to work and a two minute walk to the pub, corner shop, laundromat and, oddly, the gun and hunting shop. It's a 10 minute walk to Plate's 'minder and probably 20 minutes to the high street. It also has plenty of room for the car and for cars of friends on the main road, so the front door opens straight out onto the street.

The house itself has two bedrooms, a reasonably sized kitchen2, utility room, living room, a bathroom that two of us could stand in at the same time, a garden big enough to require a lawnmower and a shed to store it in. I think it even had a little paved area for a couple of chairs.

It has all mod-cons in that it has gas central heating, electricity and running water - sadly, no solar or wind or rainwater catchment, not that modern - and seems like a cosy little home. We liked it at once and saw ourselves living there quite happily.

Let's hope it all goes swimmingly and we'll be sipping our favourite tipples in the garden for our wedding anniversary3.

In other news, I finally captured Plate's inhaler, here in two bits: the actual inhaler and a tube thing to make it easier, ha ha, for her to breathe the stuff in.

Here it is being modelled by Bad Teddy4 because Plate simply will not have it over her face. She'd play with it but as soon as you put the bits together she pushes it away and attempts escape. Our brilliant childminder has given us tips on how to get her used to it, but so far, we've not had much joy. So it spends most of its time in the nappy bag.


We've also started the Big Clearout, by listing some of our bigger possessions on eBay. I'm a bit sad about losing the chair, having spent so many hours in it nursing Plate and rocking her to sleep. I was looking forward to reading to her in it as well.

1 There was a young man from Nepal
Who went to a fancy dress ball.
He thought it would risk it
and go as a biscuit
But a dog ate him up in the hall

2 By which we mean, FBB's fridge will fit!

3 August 18 and it will be our 17th!

4 Because he looks like a gangster bear! Well, to me anyway.

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