Sunday, 12 August 2012

Mini adventures and the MOVE

... and it is stressful, scary and all those intense words starting with "s".

As we will not have internet connection from tonight for at least "five working days", I thought I'd better get a few words in before then1.

Remember the Dead Car Dilemma? Well, as of Friday, there is now one less Dead Car. And what an adventure that was getting it gone.

First the wherefores: the car in question is a signature edition Mini which FBB had bought a number of years ago. It was a great car: it had a good engine and was in general good running shape. We had a year or so of fun before it fell apart2. The plan was to fix it and flog it off (as FBB had replaced it with our current car which he adores3).

That was about two years ago.

It has since been sat on our driveway gathering weeds, cats and queries from passersby. Now, of course, we had to shift it. A new plan was conceived which still involved getting it fixed and flogged but this time, professional advice was to be sought. FBB asked the Mini enthusiasts around here and was directed to Stan in Sutton4, who was aware of our Mini (as was everyone within a three mile radius it seems!) and recommended that he MOT it first - get the gen on what needs to be done - then decide if it was worth fixing up and flogging. A cost versus worth-it limit was set. A trusted garage5 was chosen, spoken to, and it was decided that the Mini would be moved there on Friday just gone.

Given that it had bald tires, no insurance or tax, and the front was missing, it was decided that a tow to the garage was a good idea. So, Granddad and FBB set off - Granddad doing the tow, FBB in the Mini.

It was all going well on the back road between our village and Witcham when the Mini started going be-dom, be-dom, be-dom quite violently. Crap! thought FBB, the Mini's ripping itself apart! Then a great big CRUMP!, the car lurched to the side and the Mini gave an almighty screech and squealed like a metalworks factory in meltdown! A wheel had come off!

Luckily Granddad had seen where the wheel had escaped to in the wing mirror. They went chasing after it and found it in a ditch. The retrieval was unpleasant to say the least: thigh high grass, chest high stinging nettles and blood thirsty bugs a-plenty. And they had to find the wheel nut that had popped off (in its excitement at finally being moved).

Wheel retrieved, they had started to put it back on the Mini6, when FBB suddenly realised that they were stopped right on top of an ants' nest! Following a flurry of frantic de-bugging, they had to then drag the Mini into a less hazardous lay-by. By then, FBB had to come pick me up for lunch as we were due to collect the keys to the new house and sign the papers and pick Plate up from the childminder's as well. So FBB had to leave Granddad in the lay-by with a supply of water and a promise to be back soon.

Luckily, the rental stuff was easy and as FBB had had quite the morning, we decided to have the best sausage baguette in town as treat7. We got Granddad a the best bacon sandwich in town to take away, picked up Plate (who refused to put her clothes on, a brief tussle was required), dropped me off at work, dropped Plate off with Grandma, went to meet Granddad in the lay-by, dropped one of the cars back at the house, went back to lay-by and finally, towed the Mini to the garage.

All this on the Friday of the our big move weekend. Thankfully it was not an indicator of things to come.

So far the packing has been slow - mainly because Plate didn't want me to pack and persisted in wanting to be cuddled all the time. Eventually I had to sling her into the backpack to get anything done.

However, the our good friend N has arrived today with the van and Granddad has also arrived  and lent a valuable hand. We've got quite a bit out of the house and as I type, they are being unloaded at the other end.

And I shall I stop here because there are more things to be put away, including this computer!

I should be in the new house when you next hear from me and hopefully planning our house-warming parties, which people would be able to walk to! That would be awesome.

PS - but what about the other Dead Cars? Apparently they are being picked up on Tuesday. We complete on Wednesday. Last Minute Merchants are us.

1 No, we were not organised enough to get it sorted in time! Who do you think we are?
2 No, I don't know what's wrong with it. The last time I thought I knew, I got told off. So, if you ask me, it's just broken and it is not easily fixable.
3 But is also sadly now on the way out. Plans are a-foot for its replacement.
4 Twin Engines (?) something like that. Used to be Specter Racing.
5 King's of Witcham, Volvo specialists, MOTs etc.
6 No small feat! Har har!
7 Tea For Two, in the Butter Market

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