Monday, 6 August 2012

Everything (well, some) went!

Four days till we get the keys to our new digs. Eight days till we fully vacate our old place and leave it in a liveable state.

Are we stressed? You betcha!

Still, we are all healthy now1, we have lots of sturdy boxes2, and we have made a start3: we've given away our old faithful TV (CRT, 4:3!) complete with stand, sold the nursing chair, the mini hifi and a variety of things in our yard (har, har) sale. (Sadly, the Dead Car Dilemma is still dilemmic. However, motions were made today to resolve it.)

Our little yard sale, poorly advertised as it was, garnered us a massive £45 in the two hours we sat waiting for generous souls to contribute to our moving fund. I was quite amazed actually - I was convinced we would make not a sausage.Our thanks to the Stazickers, stalwarts of the Mepal community, our dear friends who are currently enjoying Disneyland, Paris4, and the other Mepal People who stopped by5.

Now we must pack into cardboard 10 years of our lives together. Oh and let everyone know what our new address is. Annoyingly, this requires quite a bit of time on hold, the worst being EDF's endless loop of the instrumental version of Take On Me6. Ugh.

To pep myself up, I am looking forward to our numerous house-warming parties!

PS: Robert Carlyle in Once Upon A Time is utterly superb! I would love to know why a film / miniseries has not been made of a Jack Parlabane story - the one made by ITV does not count - since Robert Carlyle is Jack Parlabane! This one is my favourite.

1 Nice, healthy walnuts.
2 Courtesy of our friends in Cottenham
3 Well, some books are packed. Pfft.
4 What will we do without you?
5 There was one timewaster who gets my blood boiling every time he speaks. He could have at least bought a 50p item for drenching us in his Daily Mailesque invective for the last few years.
6 And there goes my eco creds. I tried Green Energy but it was just too expensive! Must try again.

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