Friday, 24 February 2012

Optimistic blue skies

What a beautiful couple of days it has been! The sky has been the very essence of blue, accented by puffs of cloud being pushed gently along by cool zephyrs. The warm sushine permeated everything and everyone, filling the air with the sweet scent of good things to come. Everywhere pulsed with promise...

As we trundled along the streets in our car at lunchtime, we all three couldn't help but feel optimistic. So we optimistically booked a viewing of a flat for sale which we are optimistically thinking we're going to love. We are also optimistically hoping the owners will refuse to sell to investors and will only sell to a small family, looking to downsize.

Like I said, optimistic.

Meanwhile, Operation De-clutter is chug-chug-chugging along... Well, at least the Men and Nana are getting on with it. Sadly, mama is still out of it. By the time I put Plate down to bed, I'm usually half- or all the way asleep myself1.

Through the medium of preparing the walls for fresh paint, we found that the previous owners had left a lot of holes. Our kitchen is now pockmarked with filler. We also discovered that the cooker hood hadn't actually been hooked up (Aha! So much is explained!).

The house is now filled with towers of empty boxes, waiting to be stuffed with our belongings and memories2. Over the last few days, I've been taking down the posters, our toys, excess books, and other knick knacks and storing away them away. And still it's not clear. Must hang in there!

Yesterday, FBB took down the tape shelf and packed them all into two boxes. It's amazing how big the room feels with nothing on the walls. I keep thinking we need to fill it!

Progress may be snail-like, but every foot of house revealed seems to proportionately increase its size. Which is great of course, but gives me a little ping of sadness.

As FBB keeps telling us, it's not our house anymore.

1. So here is a controversial issue: as long as she's ill, she won't go to sleep unless I nurse her all the way to sleep. Then when she wakes up, she will only be nursed back, which happens even when she's well. I don't mind right now, but I am slightly worried that she won't let go of the boob. On the other hand, there is a big part of me that has faith that she will grow out of it. I hope it's not the pills.

2. FBB has been down the local Tesco every morning collecting as many boxes as he can carry. I had to get him to stop when we needed the sat nav to navigate through to the kitchen.

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