Monday, 13 February 2012

I Just Can't Help Myself!

I know that we should sell first then look at what properties are available out there, but FBB and I just can't help checking properties out! We keep looking at these places and going, "Yeah! We can live there - what a great little house!".

I should be tidying crap away today but I am constantly getting sidetracked. I feel like I am moving in gloop sometimes. Is procrastination and inability to focus for long periods an integral part of my personality? Or are these symptoms of depression?1 Discuss. Just not right now - later, after we've sold the house.

In any case, must pull finger out of keyboard and get moving!

1. Diagnosed and everything. Hit a brick wall a few years ago trying to do too much. 4 hour daily commute + studying part-time + coping with ill relative + suddenly given huge responsibilities at work = great fall. All the king's horses and all the king's men managed to patch me up with counselling and antidepressants but Humpty Dumpty was never quite the same again. The glue that stops me from flying apart is cytalopram. Doesn't get me high or happy - just stops me weeping buckets / raging against the world and allows me to function normally, and care for my family.

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